What are Radiator Guards?

Radiator Guard Measuring Guide

Radiator guards are wire mesh guards that are fitted onto existing radiators to prevent children and vulnerable adults from burning themselves on radiators through prolonged contact.

A low-cost alternative to radiator covers, the radiator guards are not only an effective safety measure but allow air to circulate freely so you do not lose the heating benefits from your radiators.

In order for us to be able to provide you with a quotation, we first need you to measure your radiators to provide accurate measurements.

Height: Measure from the top to the bottom of the radiator – NOT to the floor.
Width: Measure from left to right of the radiator NOT including the valves.
Depth: Measure from the wall to the front of the radiator.

Download the Radiator Guard Measuring Guide>>>

Please note: A standard clearance of 75mm (H) x 100mm (W) x 50mm (D) will be applied to your measurements to manufacture the finished guard unless requested otherwise.

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How do Radiator Guards Work?

Radiator Guards

Radiator guards simply fit over your radiators and are attached to the wall. Made from 1-inch square mesh to eliminate the risk of finger trapping the guards are coated with a plastic coating to safeguard any sharp edges.

The gaps in the mesh allow air to circulate freely so that you still get the maximum heat from your radiators but the radiator guards do not absorb the heat so they are safe to touch.

For enhanced safety, strengtheners are fitted inside each guard, acting as a spacer between the radiator and the guard reducing any heat transfer.

Bespoke Radiator Guard Options

Radiator Guard Sloping Tops

Our radiator guards are designed to allow easy access to your valves, simply advise whether your valves are at the bottom or the top and your radiator guard will be manufactured to accommodate your requirement.

Another popular add-on that many of our customers request is a sloping top. Sloping tops prevent items being stacked on top of the guards, which would act as a barrier to air flow and also stops debris settling on top of the guards.

The radiator guards are made from 1″ (25mm) aperture square wire mesh that is coated in white plastic as standard. Inch square mesh is used as the standard because it also means fingers can not get trapped inside.

Finished with a plastic coating that does not absorb heat and is soft to touch without any sharp edges.

Top Design
Flat top (also available with sloping top to eliminate the possibility of items being stacked and the accumulation of debris on top of the radiator guards.)

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning
The ‘hook on’ design allows the guard to be removed by loosening the screws for easy access to carry out maintenance and cleaning.

All sizes catered for (Please contact us for any bespoke requirements).

Internal fixings on all sides.

Valve Access
Our guards will feature a cut out as standard to gain access to valves on either side of the radiator. Please advise if your valve access is at the bottom or the top of your radiators.

A standard clearance of 75mm (H) x 100mm (W) x 50mm (D) will be applied.

Colour Options Available
Manufactured in a range of colours at no extra cost to match the interior of your room.  (non-standard colours will incur an additional charge).

12 Months

Delivery Times
Radiator Guard orders are manufactured to your requirements so typically will arrive within 2-3 weeks from the order date.

If you need them more urgently, please call our team at Head Office, who will endeavour to meet your requirements.