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As a part of Cardea Solutions, at Radiator Guard our aim is to provide a safe and secure environment in schools, nurseries and care homes. With both young children and the elderly more susceptible to safety risks – it’s important to safeguard against these.

Installing Radiator Guards in Schools and Care Homes allows you to retain heating equipment whilst preventing and eliminating the threat and danger of surface burns caused by prolonged contact with radiators and heaters.

Here are the five outline features of Radiator Guards:

  1. Full Compliance

In an environment with vulnerable people, safety always has to come first. All our radiator guards and heater guards are HSE compliant to provide peace of mind for young and the people around you.

  1. Durability

Every radiator and heater shield product is manufactured in durable 25mm steel wire mesh. This ensures the guard will be durable, long lasting and resilient enough to withstand normal handling procedures.

  1. Ease of Use

In an environment of care, having products with ease of use is paramount. Our products are designed with an easy hook-on bracket design, meaning installation and maintenance can be done easily and safely without damaging the product.

  1. Coated

All our products are designed for use on heating devices, ensuring their coatings are unaffected by heat. This means they are safe to touch, however hot the radiator or electrical heater may be.

  1. Rigid Design

Unlike other guard devices, all our products are rigid and therefore cannot be accidentally adjusted in a way that would compromise their safety.

For more information on our products, please speak to our team of specialists on 0161 413 7066 or send us an email.