When you’re working in an environment with young children, safety measures need to be put in place to prevent accidents from occurring.

A safety risk which is often overlooked is radiators.

The Facts

In 2010, 1,970 people were injured in public buildings by a radiator or hot pipework. 71% of these incidents occurred in a place of education.

All of these incidents warranted a hospital visit.

Every public establishment that caters for vulnerable people such as young children and the elderly must ensure that their radiators do not exceed a surface temperature of 43 degrees. Standard steel paralleled radiators, however, can reach double the recommended temperature at 75 degrees – hot enough to cause serious burns in just seconds.

Due to their age and vulnerability, young children are unable to react appropriately or quickly enough if they come into contact with a hot surface.

The Solution

It’s important to ensure you have the right safety guards in place to prevent accidents from occurring.

The safety risks of radiators can be eliminated with the simple installation of a radiator cover.

A good radiator cover will allow you to prevent access to the hot surface of the radiator, whilst still allowing the heat to flow freely around the room.

Radiator Guard by Cardea Solutions

The Radiator Guard by Cardea Solutions offers the ideal solution for radiator safety. So what exactly are the benefits of the Radiator Guard by Cardea?

HSE Compliant

Conforms to the latest health & safety executive guidelines for managing risks from hot surfaces.

Heat Circulation

Unlike traditional radiators, the mesh-wire design allows the heat to flow freely to minimise heat loss.

Bespoke Design

Made to measure to provide you with the perfect fitting guard for your radiators.


Manufactured in durable 25mm steel wire mesh to ensure a long-lasting, resilient design which withstands normal handling procedures.

Ease of Use

A hook-on, hook-off design to allow for easy removal during routine maintenance and cleaning.


Specially coated to remain unaffected by heat, making them safe to touch.

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